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The Crazy Moon Team

The partners in Crazy Moon are stellar professionals, each with many years of experience that have equipped them with
an impressive range of knowledge, skills and talents.
Charles P. Born

Charlie Born has a 30-year track record of success in the development and implementation
of marketing strategies and business models that grow sales revenues for fast growth and
Fortune 1000 global companies alike.

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Kevin Dincher is an organization development consultant, professional development
coach and educator with 30 years of experience that includes not only OD consulting
but also work in counseling psychology and crisis management, program and operations
management, human resources and adult education.

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Kevin P. Dincher
Crazy Moon?

It was once believed that the moon influenced the way people behaved, that the moon could make people step out of
character - and think and act differently.

That’s what we do at Crazy Moon.  We get you to think differently - and creatively - so that you get better results and
achieve your goals.