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Kevin P. Dincher
Organization Development Consultant

Kevin has a 30 year track record that includes organization and strategic consulting with non-profits,
both big and small, as well as small family-owned business and Fortune 500 global technology
companies.  His experience includes work in counseling psychology and crisis management, program
and operations management, nonprofit management, human resources and education.  With his diverse
background Kevin brings a unique constellation of knowledge, skills and experience to consulting.  He
approaches consulting with an holistic perspective - with solutions that are pragmatic, strategic and
results-driven but systemic and people-focu
sed as well.

Currently, Kevin provides consulting services to nonprofit organizations through a partnership with
Professionals in Philanthropy.

Over the years, Kevin has developed expertise in:

  • Vision, Mission and Values Clarification
  • Organization Assessment and Redesign
  • Process Improvement and Change Management
  • Strategy Coaching
  • Program/Operations Management
  • Leadership Development
  • Team Development
  • Professional Development Coaching
  • Meeting/Retreat Facilitation
  • Personality Type Training (MBTI, DiSC)

Lifelong Learning

Although Kevin works primarily as an organization development consultant, one of the things that energizes him is learning new
things and sharing what he learns - and not just career-related things about organizational change and development.  

Kevin creates exciting and enriching educational opportunities for adults that incorporate psychology, philosophy, history,
historical anthropology and more.

Learn more about Kevin's work in Lifelong Learning