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Charles P. Born
Marketing Consultant and Fractional CMO

Charlie Born has a 30-plus year track record of success in the development and implementation of
marketing strategies and business models that grow sales revenues for start up, fast growth and Fortune
1000 global companies alike.  

By positioning companies to create new market categories or expand existing ones, he leverages
pragmatic approaches to build brands, facilitate turnarounds and accelerate growth while building
organizational alignment across internal stakeholders.

His experience is focused on building strong marketing and sales alignment and creating an effective
dialog with B2B and B2C consumers that establishes value.

Charlie's specialities include:

  • Strategic growth and supporting marketing plans
  • Social business strategy
  • Customer Buyers Journey analysis and segmentation
  • Strategies for direct, affiliate and channel sales
  • Product roadmaps, new products/services introductions and product growth strategies
  • Sales support tools and training, including competitive strategies and tactics
  • Strategic partner relationships
  • Solutions optimized and aligned with marketing, sales and services

What is a "Fractional CMO"?

With a "fractional CMO" you receive CMO-level involvement in your company - broad-based and on-demand perspective around
best practices in customer acquisition, sales pipeline development and marketing exectuion- without incurring the cost of a full-
time CMO.

Who needs a fractional CMO?

  • Companies with an existing marketing team that needs executive level guidance, perspective and leadership

  • CEOs, CMOs and VPs of Sales or Marketing who would like an independent, outside perspective on their business and go-
    to-market strategy and tactics

  • Companies who are planning on hiriging a VP of Marketing or CMO role that want to get a running start on major go-to-
    market activities while taking the time to find the right hire.